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Extraordingary Gated Acreage Compound 9 parcels on 458.55 acres

458.55-acres Nine Parcels, San Jose, CA 95132  |  Virtual Tour #1378224

Birdseye Nine Parcels

Birdseye Nine Parcels

Difficult to describe how incredible this property is...

  • Elevated Foothills
For more information, contact:
Tahoe Land Company

Tahoe Land Company

Birdseye aerial all parcels

Birdseye to San Jose

Calaveras QUAD Topo &Red Parcels

CTS Critical Habitat 9 parcels

View to NW to SF Bay


Overlooking Mediterranean Estate

City Views to San Jose

Entry Ranch Road to Interior

Graded Ranch Road to Interior

Looking west to San Jose

Elevated rolling hills

Ranch road traversing center

View to west

Fenced grazing land

Overlooking parcels to the west

Graded road to upper elevations

Well maintained ranch road

View to southeast

Looking southwest to upper road

Well maintained ranch roads

Looking southwest over landscape

Upper elevation view to San Jose

Ranch road entry to nine parcels

View to southeast

Two stockponds

Left half of majestic oak

Right half of majestic oak

Shaded stockpond

Midslope pasture looking west

Turkeys galore!

Looking east over stockpond

Stockponds near property center

Stockpond and dam

Closeup stockpond and cattle

Level pasture cattle & stockpond

Waterline traversing pasture

Waterline and central slope

Waterline and view to southeast

Shady view to east

Watertank filled by SuperWell


Watertroughs filled by SuperWell

New spring growth

View to east from ranchhouse

Ranch road to ranchhouse

Ranchhouse utilities

Ranchhouse well, shed, ATVs

Ranchhouse Front Porch

Ranchhouse fuel tank & yard

Ranchhouse Kitchen

Antique Range

Waterline from SuperWell

Waterline from SuperWell

Awesome view from top parcel

Pond with many squirrel burrows

Groundsquirred burrow builder

Stockpond home to breeding CTS

Waterline from SuperWell

SuperWell pump and fuel tank

SuperWell controls

SuperWell plumbing

Lick Observatory 7 miles to SE

Sentinel Tree

Looking west to San Jose

Looking west from upper parcel

Looking north from upper parcel

West border of upper parcel


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