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Waterfront & VIEW Lots - Patriot Shores, Rough River Lake, KY

Patriot Shores Waterfront Development, Westview, KY 40178  |  MLS #1323791  | Virtual Tour #840123

Cover Photo for Banner Pg

Cover Photo for Banner Pg

Patriot Shores is the NEWEST, developed waterfront development on Rough River Lake in Central KY! Come see this beautifully rugged, waterfront development with lots that slope OH SO GENTLY to the waterfront. There are 36 waterfront lots in the first phase - more than 1/2 are sold as of ad date. There are also 9 GORGEOUS BLUFF lots withs views that are very hard to find on any KY lake. These lots are BIG... offer more privacy in the homesites and STILL are dockable at the community accesses conveniently located throughout the development. This development is located just a short distance by water from the North Fork boat ramp and beach area. The North Fork of Rough River is big in this area - AND the development itself is located on a large, inlet bay that keeps most of the main channel noise and chop away from the docks and the shoreline. That makes it a GREAT place for families to play and little ones to get their toes wet without being in the main traffic stream of the lake. The development continues from the BIG BAY into George's Branch and goes a LONG way, winding past gorgeous rock outcroppings that tower above the lake bed. It's truly a beauty to behold. The developer has taken great care to create beautiful building sites along the shoreline while preserving much of the natural beauty of this land. Great views, GREAT building sites, EASY access to the lake shore and docks, UNDERGROUND utilities available at the road side, GORGEOUS views of Rough River Lake! What are you waiting for? DOCKS ARE POSSIBLE with approval from the Corp. of Engineers at one of the approved dock groups.

  • North Side of Rough River Lake
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Greater Rough River & Nolin Lake Realty

5 - Patriot Shores Ln 1

Patriot Shores Lane
Each turn brings another stunning feature in the natural beauty of this landscape.


Patriot Shores Waterfront

Patriot Shores Open 2012
Welcome to Patriot Shores! Our newest waterfront development on Rough River Lake in Central KY.

Patriot Shores Lane
As you enter Patriot Shores - nothing but beautiful farm land and towering hardwoods on your drive in.

Glorious Old Trees
As developers, we care about the land we improve. We often redirect our planned road around glorious hardwoods such as this one.

The BIG one too!
From another perspective - the same hard wood. Perfectly placed!

Big Bay at Patriot Shores
Big bay area of the development - you'll see just why these lots are going so quickly!

Big Bay in George's Branch
Big bay off the main channel provides a great swimming area.

Building Sites
Gorgeous home sites that are perfect for walkout plans.

LOW LOW Redline!
Can you find lots with a lower redline on Rough River??

Patriot Shores
Beautiful shorelines on all sides of the development.

Fishing Anyone?
If you like fishing and are familiar with Rough River - there are BIG BASS in this area of the lake!

Patriot Shores Waterfront Lots
George's Branch is a popular place to swim and fish as it's off the main channel and away from boat traffic.

Beautiful Home Sites
Some lots sit higher over the lake offering a more commanding view of the waterfront.

George's Branch
Patriot Shores lots in future phases will extend into George's Branch

Waterfront Lots
Waterfront lots are sloped SO easily in most of this development that juniors and seniors alike will find it easy to get to the lake shore.

Patriot Shores Waterfront Lots
From the walk-out basement on these lots there is almost NO slope to the lake:) Perfect for little legs and older legs alike!

Big Bay Lots
Lots within the big bay all share VERY easy slopes and low redlines.

Patriot Shores Waterfront Lots
Put a bowling ball on this slope and it MAY not move!

Patriot Shores Waterfront Lots
Traveling deep into the cove the water gets calmer and quieter!

Ski Practice Course
Located within George's Branch is the practice course used by skiers and wave boarders.


Patriot Shores Lane
NEW!! Road is now paved all the way from the entrance to the LAST lot! Come see how beautiful it makes the drive!

Gorgeous drive!
Can you picture this as the drive to your lake home?

Rugged beauty!
So much attention was paid to creating more than just a drive.... traveling down Patriots Shores Lane is an experience! One you'll not want to miss.

Big Bay Area
Located part way through the waterfront is the BIG BAY area of Patriot Shores. SUCH a great place to swim, wade and enjoy the shallow water over the big sand bar!

Patriot Shores Lane
Rugged cliffs give way to a big view of Rough River Lake.

Your home site?
Can you picture your cabin tucked in between the trees on this lot?

Bluff Lots
High on the bluff overlooking the waterfront - our developer is creating MORE stunning home sites. Each with a view better than the last.

Patriot Shores Lane
As the new paved road winds through the woods - you can feel the excitement growing from kids in the back seat wondering "Are we there yet?"

Patriot Shores Lane
Spring, summer, fall or winter - the landscape offers something beautiful in every season.

The BIG one!
This lovely hardwood actually caused us to change the path of the road coming in. Makes for a beautiful land mark!





10 - Patriot Shores Ln 6

9 - Patriot Shores Ln 5

8 - Patriot Shores Ln 4

7 - Patriot Shores Ln 3

6 - Patriot Shores Ln 2

4 - Old Oak at the Curve

0 - PATRIOT Shores from Waterfro

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