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Panama Yacht Cruise

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Windjammer Yacht

Windjammer Yacht

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Dreams In Panama Rentals

Dreams In Panama Rentals

Dreams In Panama
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Windjammer Flag
...and hoping to see a few dolphins too!

Captain Phil
Captain Phil from South Africa is ready to take us on an amazing journey!

Romana & Milano
Our guests from the Czech Republic are here to explore Panama!

island View
One of the many gorgeous views from the yacht.

Ships in Passing
We shared the ocean with many majestic ships like this one.

Lani, Emilie & Jim
Beginning the day with champagne and orange juice.

Rudi and Elise
Ready for an amazing adventure aboard the Windjammer!

Many new friendships were formed onboard today, with guests from all over the world.

The Lookout
Watching for whales.

This baby dolphin and its mother came close to the boat to say hello. It was simply magical!

Underwater Dolphin
Even underneath the water they were stunning!

Relaxing during the swim and lunch break.

Wow, it doesn't get more relaxing than being on a boat with friends, enjoying the Panama sun!

Enjoying the View
Admiring the beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the Panamanian landscape.

Champagne and Orange Juice
What a great way to start the day in Panama!

New friendships were made and lots of fun was had!

Everyone getting acquainted and comparing their Panama experiences.

Even a little male bonding took place!

Admiring the view and watching intently for whales!

Dolphin Visit!
About ten or more dolphins swam around the boat for a playful visit!

Dolphin Fins
A little synchronized swimming show for us!

More Dolphins!
These dolphins were truly magical to watch!

Dolphins in Tandem

Otoque Island
This picturesque fishing town is one of two on the island of Otoque.

Enjoying the morning mimosas - all day long!

We stopped for a refreshing swim and snorkel before having lunch onboard the boat.

The water was wonderfully refreshing!

This incredibly social pelican swam over to join us while we were in the water.

Swimming With Pelicans
Our pelican friend joining us for a swim.

Enjoying the aqua-blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and all that it offers.

It is great when family visits in Panama!

Captain for a moment!

What better way is there to enjoy Panama than being on the water with friends, with the sun shining!

A dolphin visit during a whale-watching tour was such a gift!

Beautiful creatures!

The aqua-coloured water was clear enough to see this gorgeous dolphin!

Bona Island
This piece of machinery was left on Bona Island by the Japanese - I wonder what they used it for?

Bona Island
Beautiful views!

Enjoying the yacht experience!

Loving every bit of what Panama has to offer - beaches, boating, whales, dolphins and new friends!

Many laughs were had and stories shared!

Loving Panama!
Life in Panama is not just good - it's awesome! Their 8th day in the newest chapter of their lives.

On the way back from Otoque Island we spotted whales!

This momma and baby whale topped this journey off and made it simply extraordinary!

Social Director
Making the rounds with smiles and laughter that was infectious!

Bona Island
A beautiful cove on the side of Bona Island.

Living Panama
Americans living their dream in Panama and loving every minute of it!

The Captain Sandy watching for whales and enjoying the scenery.

Catching up and enjoying some snacks in the cabin.

Sinking Ship
This partially-sunken ship remains just off the shore of Panama - an interesting contrast to the beautiful landscape.

Amador Causeway
The Amador Causeway with Panama City in the background.

This cloud within the sunset resembles an airplane!

Panama City Sunset
Returning to the harbour as the sun is setting behind the Americas Bridge in Panama City.

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